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Hello Beautiful,

Your soul, your skin, your body and mind are all so important in living an abundant life! I created a brand that helps us deal with life a little better. From Natural skin care and crystals to yoga and aromatherapy blends I am passionate and dedicated to helping you find your soul. Glow from the inside out with all natural ingredients! You deserve to be just as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside! Let your soul shine with Melanin Sol Beauty llc.

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The Story Behind the Brand 

Melanin Sol Beauty was launched in May of 2020. Prior I spent over a year researching, learning and developing ways for humans to heal ourselves naturalIy. Healing as far as our own emotional traumas, anxieties and depressions; as well as physical pain and skin healing. Through much research I learned the benefits of essential oils, crystals and yoga. All derived from God and Mother Nature. Learning how close we are with nature, I then started to practice and experiment with the natural essences of Earth. As I became more familiar and stayed consistent I began to notice a shift. These natural remedies started shifting my moods, my thoughts and motivations. I then decided it was time to share with the world. 

In the midst of the pandemic, as you can imagine, anxiety and depression has been on the rise ever since the break..all around the world. Anxiety and depression is increasing in the youth and suicidal rates are on an all time high. My anxiety dates back before the pandemic and depression has developed over the years. With trial and error with medications and successful therapies I knew there was more I could do for myself to help me cope throughout the days. Turns out certain essential oils and crystals work closely with anxiety and depression and have been proven to heal and even cure these disorders with the help of yoga and meditation. 


I wanted to create products that we could wear every day to help reduce our anxiety and depression levels. We wear our skin every day, and it soaks in 64% of what we put on it..why not keep it safe and natural. Coming from plants, the benefits of essential oils are everlasting, so I created an entire skin care line with them! Happiness is handmade! Experience happy skin and a happy you!

Along with my skin feeling amazing I needed my mind to feel the same. I enjoy a great zen time; incense, lights dim and pure relaxation and honestly we do not get it enough. But you have the power to create zen in your home in your work space, car or wherever you feel! There are billions of crystals and same with essential oils, they have so many benefits. I started wearing them, meditating with them and even teaching others about them! I love transforming crystals into accessories, keep your vibe high at all times! 

I truly enjoy creating for US. We are the Earth & its time we come back to it! Connect closer to the Earth and with you; a beautiful way to do so is with yoga. Setting aside time each day for you to connect will bring out a more positive life, positive vibe and mind! 

The sun is the source of All. Sol in the Spanish language means Sun. Our Sol is our source. You put the U in SOUL. Love your soul, protect your soul, invest in your soul. From my Melanin hands to your soul we embrace natural beauty! Stay true to you and be the best YOU you can be each and every day! 


     Jay Christine

     Founder of Melanin Sol Beauty llc 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!


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